Check out the latest features in GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning

Our cloud-hosted GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) application continues to add new features and functionalities to help you run thorough scenario studies and make the best grid investment decisions, especially as more distributed energy resources connect to the grid.

New features include…


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Add an electric vehicle charging station to your network model and assign travel schedules to simulate and optimize electric vehicle charging for minimum grid impacts.

Optimal Battery Siting and Sizing

Easily determine the size and location of the battery needed to get rid of all constraints on your network.

Side-by-Side Scenario Comparisons

We’ve introduced a dedicated results comparison mode that allows you to compare your scenario studies in the same window, accounting for things such as capital and operating costs and violations.

API Scripting

Automation helps get your planning work done faster. That’s why we’ve published public APIs to help you write scripts that automate workflows.


Interested in trying out these features and exploring what else GridOS-IDP can do to help you improve distribution system planning? Sign up for your free account today!