Why Opus One Solutions?

On the Forefront of Sustainable Technology

Opus One employees get to make an immediate and discernible impact as part of an innovative company at the forefront of sustainable electricity. Regardless of their area of expertise, they are exposed to the adjacent spheres of knowledge needed to give them a holistic understanding of how we can move the needle in clean energy.

Deliver technology that matters

“The real challenges that are facing humanity are no longer confined to any single discipline. They are complex, multi-disciplinary, and layered. There’s no getting around that, so we need to build teams that can collectively understand and innovate in energy. At Opus One, I get to work on a team that is grappling with these expansive challenges. Sometimes I pinch myself because I really do feel like I’m helping architect the smart grid.”
- Mark Jaggassar, Smart Grid Specialist
"At Opus One Solutions there is an emphasis on cooperation and collaboration. We are given the freedom to brainstorm and contribute our ideas and know that they are heard."
- Sunnie Li, Lead Software Engineer in Test
"At Opus One, the projects we work on are world changing. I am extremely proud to be working on cleantech initiatives that tackle the non-renewable energy crisis."
- Hasan Kamal-al-Deen - Software Developer
"I applied because I wanted a high-impact start-up company without the hundred hour work weeks. At Opus One, they are serious about a strong work-life balance, and the flexible hours are a great perk."
- Cong Wang, Product Owner
As a Software Developer, I'm always getting challenging tasks, whether it's learning a new language or programming a feature that hasn't been done before - the types of projects I work on aren't referenced anywhere on the internet. It's all brand new.
- Emily Ma, Software Developer