GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning for North American Investor Owned Utility

This is a key GridOS deployment at of one of the largest IOUs in North America. GridOS-IDP provides a full array of capabilities across over a thousand medium voltage distribution feeders. This bridges traditional capacity planning and DER planning processes by using advanced techno-economic modeling and optimization capabilities of GridOS.

This project will create the largest available data base for locational valuation of DERs on distribution systems in North America.

Customer Requirements

  • Capture the full costs/benefits of DERs, including impacts on distribution automation and volt-VAR optimization
  • Leverage distribution locational marginal pricing (DLMP) in distribution planning
  • Provide optimal operational schedules / usage for assets across multiple use cases
  • Optimize across 1,000+ feeders on a 10-year timeframe to aid investment decisions with full system visibility
  • Provide full, four-quadrant analytical capabilities at each circuit and substation
  • Leverage probabilistic and stochastic capabilities to improve risk management
  • Ensure enterprise-wide modularity and scalability
  • Evaluate opportunities for distribution planning to inform generation and transmission investments

Project Scope

  • Company-wide requirements gathering
  • Vetting and configuration of network models
  • Deployment of GridOS IDP as cloud-based solution with initial group of feeders
  • Training of distribution planners
  • Factory acceptance for initial feeder group
  • Full configuration for 1,000+ feeders
  • Migration to locally-hosted solution
  • Business value analysis and distribution capacity and DER investment reports

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Traceable, defensible data for rate cases
  • Plan to optimally deploy assets and structure maintenance for next 10 years
  • Detailed inputs for transmission and generation planning
  • Streamlined interconnection requests
  • Simplified data handling / reduced inefficiency from conversions translations
  • Ability to find data at the click of a button