Dynamic Volt-VAR Optimization at Alectra






To pilot a distribution planning model into Alectra’s network for Dynamic Volt-VAR Optimization (DVVO) and the monitoring, controlling and optimization of distribution feeders with distributed generation.


The deployment of our Opus One DERMS® platform was aimed at supporting the dynamic monitoring and calculation of the network’s voltage profile along one 27.6kV feeder (to provide much-needed situational awareness) and the dispatch of appropriate resources to maintain voltage regulation within limits as defined by the Distribution System Code (DSC). The solution also offered adaptive control and optimal dispatch for loss reduction, conservation and whole-system optimization. The solution also included local Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for user friendly configuration of capacitor bank controls.


The project showcased the potential of distributed intelligence at the substation level for DVVO control strategies on feeder level intelligent devices such as capacitor banks. The lessons learned provided Alectra with insights into future smart grid architectures as it aligns with Ontario’s smart grid objectives.