First-of-its-kind Canadian Smart Energy Community


Elexicon Energy Inc.




To demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of having an integrated community microgrid on a distribution energy service platform.


This project demonstrates an integrated community microgrid on a distribution energy service platform in Elexicon Energy’s service territory, coordinated with distribution operations and incorporating microgrid-assisted feeder automation capabilities. This integration will demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of managed distributed energy resources for improved reliability, resiliency and efficient use of shared resources. The microgrid consists of a 350kVA/666kWh community battery energy storage system and 25 kW of rooftop solar, a level 2 electric vehicle charging station and a 5kW/13.5kWh residential battery energy storage system. The microgrid will be monitored and controlled by Opus One’s GridOS® intelligence platform and data analytics. GridOS will provide Elexicon’s operators better visibility and situational awareness of grid operating conditions along with its automated control features to achieve peak reduction, power quality improvement and microgrid islanded operation.

Anticipated Outcome:

In addition to the immediate benefits of the demonstration, the project will lead to long-term positive impacts for the community including the adoption of renewable generation and electric vehicle charging, power quality improvement, grid reliability improvements and more.