Intelligence and Integration Center of Excellence (IICE Lab)


Inhouse project




Build an inhouse microgrid to constantly monitor Opus One’s office and manage energy consumption throughout the centre to decrease overall carbon footprint.


Opus One’s team deployed the GridOS® Microgrid Energy Management System (MEMS) in the company’s head office to allow for “islanded” or disconnected operation and seamless transition from grid connected to islanded mode. In addition, Opus One’s laboratory microgrid was equipped with solar, energy storage, electric vehicle charger integration, weather station and advanced controls as a testbed for technology development and demonstration of a commercial microgrid. An embedded residential microgrid with solar and battery storage demonstrates a third level of “Grid-of-Grids” management. GridOS-MEMS uses Opus One’s breakthroughs in distribution system state estimation, stochastic security-constrained AC optimal power flow, multi-agent optimization technologies, and marginal cost optimization to integrate microgrids with benefits including low-cost integration with other systems like SCADA, DMS and DERMS, increased visibility into customer operations, streamlined control (microgrids managed as DERs), enhanced operational reliability and revenue from optimal asset utilization.


Configured the laboratory to showcase different distributed energy resources, management and control, and operational characteristics of microgrids and creating a rich environment for future testing and easily customized solutions to fit our customer’s needs.