Launching the World’s First Transactive Energy Market at National Grid


National Grid




To animate an energy market and show the benefits of investing in and incentivizing the dispatch of distributed power generation to improve the resiliency and reliability of the electricity grid.


Opus One Solutions worked with National Grid to create a technical and financial platform for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and provide real-time forecasted pricing and valuation for those resources. This was achieved by deploying our GridOS Transactive Energy Management System (TEMS). The solution provided dispatch capabilities to National Grid, allowing full techno-economic optimization with New York’s Reform the Energy Vision (NY REV)’s LMP+D pricing methodology, and served as a central communication portal between the Distribution System Platform (DSP) and participating DERs from the Kaleida Health facility within the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.


This project and deployment was an opportunity to create new engagement models for the customers of New York, and ultimately, for policy makers and regulators around the world. GridOS® offers the most proven, capable, and future-proof toolset for the DSP solution envisioned by NY REV. It also provided a natural incentive to create a decentralized, more resilient grid where the deployed system valued DER at a local level using a market mechanism, and it helped realize the full potential of REV for National Grid, the customers of New York, and the many audiences who eagerly await the outcomes of this initiative.