Managing the Integration of High DER Levels on the Islands of Hawaii


Hawaiian Electric “HECO”




Demonstrate how modern software can support greater DER integration via hosting capacity analysis and non-wires alternative evaluations to help HECO achieve its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.


Our GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning solution will give Hawaiian Electric’s distribution engineers the ability to evaluate the effects of DERs on the distribution and sub-transmission systems. The software provides users with geographic information of the distribution grid while augmenting it with analytics on hosting capacity, voltage and capacity constraints, allowing for strategic increases in the acceptance of DERs. The resulting benefits include identifying increased connection capacity of DERs on existing infrastructure, which translates to improved customer connection choice and the ability to leverage assets to improve overall operational efficiency and capital investment alternatives. It is funded in part by Elemental Excelerator, a growth accelerator and catalyst for the deployment and growth of new technologies.

Anticipated Outcomes:

The deployment of our solution will help HECO better understand the effects of DERs as they integrate into the electrical network. It will also provide the methodology and analytics required to increase the network’s hosting capacity, enable more fine-tuning of DER programs and support non-wires alternative investment decisions.