National Grid Distributed System Platform Demonstration: GridOS-TEM

The National Grid Distribution System Platform (DSP) demonstration in New York is an eye opener to new engagement models for world wide customers, policy makers and regulators, showcasing GridOS capabilities as a proven, future proof DSP market.

Under New York’s Reform the Energy Vision (NY REV) strategy, animating a market by providing transparency to grid energy needs provides additional incentives for customers and developers to invest in distributed generation thereby, improving resiliency and reliability to the electricity grid.

Customer Requirements

  • Create a technical and financial platform for DERs, with New York (NY) ISO integration, for market-based services (animate a distribution level market)
  • Design and build a platform for electric services which provides real-time and forecasted pricing of these services
  • Implement a real-time valuation of Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • Provide dispatch abilities for National Grid (the distribution utility) to enable a full techno-economic optimization
  • Test the ability to compensate DER providers and their customers for the value they provide to the grid
  • Provide a central communication portal between the Distribution System Platform (DSP) and participating DERs

Project Scope

  • Integrative win-win business model using DER valuation as a key operational parameter in NY Reforming Energy Vision
  • Calculate and generate location-based pricing signals based on LMP+D
  • Incentivize generation from local DER owners on campus
  • Create a DER bidding agent for DER owners and participants
  • Market clearing
  • Adaptation of open standards of communication

Anticipated Outcomes

  • The Distribution System Platform (DSP) demonstration is an opportunity to create new engagement models for the customers of New York, and ultimately, for policy makers and regulators around the world. GridOS offers the most proven, capable, and future-proof tool set for the DSP solution envisioned by REV.
  • The project aims to provide a natural incentive to create a decentralized, more resilient grid where the system being deployed values DER at a local level using a market mechanism.
  • Opus One’s GridOS helps realize the full potential of REV for National Grid, BNMC, the customers of New York, and the many audiences who eagerly await the outcomes of this initiative.