Science North and Greater Sudbury Hydro Microgrid

The Science North Microgrid initiative is a unique project to create a functional and educational solar generation and storage based microgrid that will provide clean back-up power during grid outages and reduce building electricity cost during normal operation.  It utilizes GridOS® Microgrid Energy Management System to manage 500kVA/250 kWh of energy storage and 170 kW pf PV solar. It also coordinates between the solar plant, energy storage system and control building loads and provides reliability and resiliency to the Science North Centre. This Project will serve as a public education tool and facilitate learning about the benefits and applications of microgrid technologies.

Project objectives

  • Reduce grid instability impact on the butterfly conservatory specially during winter months, where a power outage will result in heat and humidity loss and will significantly harm the butterflies and plant life
  • Create a microgrid using functional solar PV and energy storage also serving as an educational platform
  • Showcase the benefits of photo-voltaic (solar panel) arrays when paired with energy storage
  • Demonstrate the microgrid’s ability to run independently from the local distribution grid during power outages
  • Provide cost savings for the building loads using energy management