Testing Microgrid Potential at a Utility’s Headquarters


Elexicon Energy Inc.




To demonstrate the deployment, operation and value of microgrids with electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and showcase technology readiness to customers


Opus One deployed and demonstrated the functionality of a complete microgrid at the headquarters of Elexicon Energy Inc. with its GridOS Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) that integrates various resources into the utility SCADA environment. The microgrid included two Tesla Powerwalls (Canada’s first utility installation), 10 kW solar generation, four Level 2 EV chargers, one Level 3 EV charger and a customer information display at the utility’s headquarters. The DERMS solution has been designed to allow the integration of all types of microgrids and provide demand management to help minimize the cost of electricity under time-of-use rates.


This project provided Elexicon with renewable energy and storage, along with real-time information on generated solar and cost savings. This deployment provided an educational opportunity to customers in the region who are interested in adopting solar, battery storage or electric vehicles in their homes or offices.