Transforming the way Portland General Electric Plans its System


Portland General Electric (PGE)




Support PGE in piloting an integrated approach to DER planning using grid data analytics to visualize and forecast the effects of DERs on the system, assess how flexibility can be achieved and determine how various investment trade-off decisions can be considered.


Our GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning (IDP) solution provided PGE with a holistic tool and service to integrate all the data required for distribution system planning into one place, deployed on the cloud. This allowed PGE to work with one toolset to define scenarios around load and DER growth, fuel cost, equipment status, and other network model parameters to develop a portfolio of viable solutions around non-wire alternative solutions (NWAs), grid investments, and demand response programs. Opus One configured, demonstrated and analyzed the solution, with the appropriate support and data input from PGE and coordination with the respective business units for the deployment. 


This deployment gave PGE the toolset they needed to visualize the distribution network and flexible configurability to set up the scenarios required to asses various demand response program designs, non-wires alternative investments and battery storage.