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Energy Transition Made Easier

A single platform to plan, analyze and act on your grid modernization strategies.

Pathways for a successful transition to a more sustainable energy system require more efficient use of existing assets and leveraging new forms of DERs such as EV charging stations, batteries and solar panels in distribution grids. Consequently, planning, DER management and operations of the grid have become more and more complex.

GridOS® is an award-winning advanced analytics platform that is designed to drive the evolution of the electricity grid. It helps utilities optimize their distribution systems by creating a digital twin of the electricity distribution network. By modelling the grid in its as-operated state, utilities can analyze and optimize complex two-way power flows and use our GridOS modules to develop robust and cost-effective distribution system plans, deliver real-time energy management and operate transactive energy markets.

Gain full visibility of your network in its as-operated state by creating a digital replica of your grid in the GridOS Platform; visualize real power flow across your network to spot any constraints

Leverage the "digital twin" of your grid to run complex planning analyses, like evaluating a DER’s ability to alleviate a system constraint

Calculate with precision how much distributed energy capacity you can host, and where, right across your network

Using the GridOS Integrated Distribution Planning module, you can compare the results of your analysis side-by-side to choose the most cost-effective solutions to meet your grid's future needs

Determine the value DERs can provide to your grid's operations by running simulated or live transactive energy markets and other DER programs using the GridOS Transactive Energy Management System module

Monitor and control DERs and microgrids in real time with the GridOS Distributed Energy Resource Management System module

A Powerful Optimization Engine for Better Decisions

A 3-phase AC unbalanced power flow and optimal power flow engine that integrates with almost any system to provide full optimization capabilities around asset dispatch, switch operation, reliability, economic optimization, and distribution investments.

Built on Open Standards for Seamless Integration and Ease of Use

By utilizing the Common Information Model (IEC 61968) for its data schema, utilities can seamlessly integrate GridOS into existing ADMS, DERMS, DMS, or GIS solutions. Deploy it almost anywhere, from the cloud to virtual machines in enterprise environments, down to a desktop computer.

Scalable and Modular to Fit Your Budgetary and Operating Needs

Pick and choose the applications you need and the extent of deployment. Dynamically scale cloud resources to match your current requirements and never pay more than what you need.

Your Secure Single Source of Truth

GridOS consolidates all your vital panning data in one spot to reveal new system insights. As one of the few ISO 27001-certified companies in the grid analytics and optimization space, you can rest assured that we take extensive steps to protect your data.

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