Managing aging infrastructure while simultaneously pursuing grid modernization is becoming progressively complex and resource-intensive for utilities. The continued price decline of renewables, new clean energy targets, accelerating DER adoption rates, evolving regulatory mandates, electrification of transportation systems, and growing customer needs all affect the distribution grid. In this more dynamic system, utilities need to go beyond one-time, worst-case scenario-based planning and move towards locational and temporal based network analyses. Although challenging, a scalable, enterprise-level planning platform with advanced analytical capabilities can make strategic distribution planning easier, faster, and more responsive to customer needs.



GridOS® is an award-winning, advanced analytics platform, designed to drive the evolution of the electricity grid. Its Integrated Distribution Planning (GridOS-IDP) application helps distribution planners complete strategic technical evaluations, planning scenarios, and case studies. It provides repeatable, scalable processes across strategic organizational functions and for regulatory filings. By leveraging a utility’s network model and system forecast, planners can easily and quickly carry out complex techno-economic analyses that are locationally and temporally specific.

Powered by the platform’s Optimization Engine (OE), GridOS-IDP can fully model 3 phase AC unbalanced networks and automatically optimize the temporal use of traditional and DER assets based on network conditions and a desired control strategy – enabling true operational planning.


  • Scalable and collaborative web-based enterprise-level solution
  • A single source of truth and secure system of record for enhanced data governance, traceability, and transparency
  • Performs quick and accurate locational and temporal scenario analyses so you can answer all potential “what ifs” – ideal for evaluating non-wires alternatives
  • Performs accurate iterative hosting capacity analysis for DER interconnection in minutes
  • Models impact of EVs on electricity consumption to help identify potential constraints and solutions
  • Layer-based visualization of network analyses turns data into actionable information
  • Runs parallel studies to significantly cut down your analysis time

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