GridWise Alliance Welcomes Joshua Wong, CEO of Opus One Solutions, to its Board

Toronto, Ontario – December 3, 2020. Joshua Wong, CEO of Opus One, has been elected on the Board of Directors at GridWise Alliance to be part of their commitment to build and expand activities that support modernizing the Nation’s electric grid across the United States. GridWise serves the electricity industry by leveraging different stakeholder perspectives to express the diverse and great benefits of grid modernization.

The electric power system is at an exciting and critical juncture, marking the tipping point of grid modernization. The grid must evolve to be the technical and economic foundational platform for clean, affordable, and abundant energy enabling a wide array of active participants with flexibility from a diverse portfolio of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) solutions.

“We at Opus One believe and fully support the mission of the GridWise Alliance – in particular under the guiding principles of increased flexibility, market based approach, level playing field, and optimized operations”, said Joshua Wong, CEO, Opus One Solutions. “We are looking forward to contributing under the leadership of CEO Steve Hauser and upcoming Chair Gil Quiniones.”

“The Alliance board has consistently attracted our industry’s top minds and executives who believe the electric grid is the fundamental component to an advanced digital economy,” said Steve Hauser, CEO, GridWise Alliance and Co-Host, gridCONNEXT. “Opus One is one of the new innovative technology companies and Joshua’s experience will be a great addition to our Board of Directors.”

As the nation continues to see grid transformation unfold with more complex challenges at the state and federal levels, it is important that organizations such as GridWise Alliance and Opus One Solutions take a leadership role to lead the way with forward-looking solutions to these challenges.

About Opus One Solutions
Opus One Solutions is a software engineering and solutions company with the vision of a digitalized, decentralized and decarbonized planet. Its intelligent energy networking platform, GridOS®, optimizes complex power flows so that it can deliver real-time energy management and integrated planning to distribution utilities and other managers of distributed energy assets. GridOS is modular, scalable, and integrates seamlessly with existing data systems to unlock greater potential for distributed energy resources, including renewable generation, energy storage, and responsive demand. GridOS also facilitates the management of microgrids — from homes to businesses to communities — for unparalleled grid resiliency and value to the electricity customer.

About GridWise Alliance
The GridWise Alliance (GWA) represents the broad and diverse stakeholders that design, build and operate the electric grid. Since 2003, the Alliance has been at the forefront of educating legislators and regulators about the critical need to modernize our nation’s electricity system.

Media Contact
Simona Hiutin
Opus One Solutions