Opus One and NRStor partner to bring Tesla Home Battery to Canada

          – New residential energy storage will provide energy efficiency and security –

TORONTO, May 5, 2015 /CNW/ – Following last week’s announcement by Tesla Motors, Inc. unveiling revolutionary battery systems for the home, NRStor Inc., a leading energy storage project developer and operator, and Opus One Solutions Energy Corp., a smart grid software engineering company, will partner to bring Tesla’s Powerwall Home Battery to Canada.

The Tesla Powerwall, will provide Canadian homeowners with a power supply large enough to keep appliances such as refrigerators, electronics, lights and home heating and cooling systems powered up during storms and other unforeseen incidents caused by a power outage. This technology will also provide users who have time-of-use billing the opportunity to manage their power usage by storing energy overnight when the prices are lower, and using it during peak periods when energy prices are higher.

“We are excited to bring this incredible technology to Canada,” said Annette Verschuren, Chair and CEO of NRStor. “This energy storage system will provide Canadians with the opportunity to find demonstrable efficiencies in their daily energy usage as well as ensuring access to energy when it is really needed.”

The two Canadian companies see a widespread need for the technology, as more and more parts of daily life become digitally-dependent. Power interruptions at home can lead to an inability to access the internet or charge mobile devices, disable security systems or even spoil food in refrigerators, in addition to lost productivity for homeowners.

“Opus One and NRStor will revolutionize the home with smart microgrid technology around Tesla’s state-of-the-art battery system. This microgrid technology is going to provide homeowners with energy that is more affordable, super clean and very reliable,” added Joshua Wong, President and CEO of Opus One. The Powerwall is a lithium-ion, wall-mounted battery with liquid and thermal control system and software that receives dispatch commands from an inverter.  NRStor and Opus One will begin installing pilot units at select locations in the Canadian market in the fall of 2015. Tesla’s Powerwall will be made broadly available to customers in the beginning of 2016.



NRStor Inc. is a privately held Toronto-based energy storage project developer focused on developing, owning and operating industry-leading energy storage projects. NRStor is partnered with a variety of technology suppliers that manufacture and integrate flywheel, compressed air and battery energy storage systems and has developed a 2 megawatt flywheel energy storage facility in Minto, Ontario that has been operating since July 2014. The Company offers flexible financing solutions to develop effective and cost-competitive storage systems based on clients’ precise technical and financial needs. NRStor is led by Chair & CEO Annette Verschuren, O.C. (www.nrstor.com).


Opus One is a software engineering company that brings real-time energy management to the smart grid. Through its leading edge offering GridOS™, Opus One delivers a new level of visibility and control to electricity distribution through sophisticated engineering analytics designed to solve and optimize complex power flows.  Seamlessly integrating with utility data systems, GridOS™ provides powerful grid management capabilities and unlocks greater potential for distributed energy resources including renewable generation, energy storage and responsive demand. GridOS™ further facilitates the implementation and management of microgrids from homes to communities, for unparalleled grid resiliency and value to the electricity customer. (oostest.wpengine.com)