Opus One Launches GridOS™ Suite of RuggedApps™ for Grid Intelligence Backbone

ONTARIO, CAN, February 2, 2015 –Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation (“Opus One”), a leader in intelligent and integrated solutions for the smart grid, announced today the first offerings of its GridOS™ suite of Siemens RuggedApps™. This utility-grade intelligence backbone will empower utilities with robust communications and real-time analytics for grid reliability, efficiency, power quality, and will enable effective management of a high penetration of distributed energy resources.

RuggedApps™ is purpose-built software installed on Siemens’ RUGGEDCOM APE (Application Processing Engine) computing platform that plugs directly into any member of the RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform series of products. RUGGEDCOM APE and RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform are designed to the Rugged Rated specification, which provides a high level of immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrical surges. With an operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F), they can operate in extreme environments. RuggedApps™ on RUGGEDCOM APE is a powerful amalgamation of utility grade networking for mission-critical applications in harsh environments with data handling, protocol translation, security, interoperability and grid analytics including monitoring and control.

“Siemens is very pleased to help Opus One showcase their GridOS™ solutions at DistribuTECH in San Diego this week,”

explains Jim Slinowsky, Vice President Product Management for RUGGEDCOM products at Siemens.

“We have an excellent, complementary relationship with Opus One and we are confident that what we are showcasing here is but the start of a number of Grid focused innovations that we will achieve together.”

RuggedApps™ further open up an entire ecosystem for third parties to develop advanced applications such as Opus One’s GridOS™ on this rugged platform.

“We’re pleased to work with Siemens to extend its rugged communications backbone and establish a smart grid intelligence and integration platform with GridOS™,”
said Joshua Wong, President and CEO of Opus One.

“This is a paradigm shift for the smart grid – to layer real-time engineering analytics on an interoperability platform.”

GridOS™ is a smart grid game-changer that deploys advanced power system analytics throughout the grid, from utility control room to substation to customer microgrid. It enables power engineering to emerge from utility planning environments into real-time operations and grid automation.

The GridOS™ suite of applications currently includes:

  • Real-time electrical network model with dynamic topology processor
  • Online 3-phase AC unbalanced power flow
  • State estimation of feeder voltage profiles, line currents and system losses
  • Load and generation forecasting
  • Dynamic volt-VAR optimization
  • Online connection impact assessment of distributed generation
  • Optimal scheduling and dispatch of energy storage devices
  • Active demand response including electric vehicle charge management
  • Microgrid management and energy transactions with the main grid

Opus One’s GridOS™ is the first available suite of RuggedApps™ built on Siemens RUGGEDCOM APE and RUGGEDCOM Multi-Service Platform, providing unparalleled connectivity, visibility, control and optimization of today’s smart grid.

About Opus One Solutions

Opus One is a software engineering company that brings real-time engineering analytics to the smart grid. Opus One’s GridOS™ is a real-time operating system designed to solve and optimize complex power flows with a high penetration of distributed energy resources including generation, demand, energy storage and microgrids. GridOS™ integrates with utility data systems including SCADA, DMS, GIS and AMI.

About Siemens

Siemens Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years.  With 343,000 employees in more than 200 countries, Siemens reported worldwide revenue of approximately $98 billion in fiscal 2014. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $22.2 billion, including $5.2 billion in exports, and employs approximately 46,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

For further information please contact:

Joshua Wong
President and CEO
Opus One Solutions Energy Corporation