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Opus One Solutions has acquired the SEEsuite software business division, including SEEload from TRC companies, to further expand Opus One’s GridOS® Distributed Energy Management Platform. SEEload is a scalable DER technology platform built to optimize load management for a diverse customer set including several of the largest utilities in the United States. SEEload has been handling distributed energy resources on the grid across multiple utilities for over 10 years.

Our integrated end-to-end offerings help customers create smarter, cost-effective, and sustainable grid ecosystems.

Over 1M actively enrolled customers.


100K devices under control in one event.


Over 300MW of dispatchable loads under management through a typical program.


Support sub-5 minute response time.

Our End-to-End GridOS Platform

Opus One’s existing Distributed Energy Management Platform specializes in grid power flow management, hosting capacity, optimal dispatch, and smart pricing offerings to transactive/flexibility markets. With the integration of SEEload, Opus One will now be able to provide utility partners with end-to-end visibility, control, and program management from the substation to the grid edge, across the entire customer spectrum.

SEEload diagram

Why Choose SEEload?

SEEload is completely customizable and can be dispatched to any group of participants or to any level in the electrical topology within the utility designated program constraints.
Advanced Predictive Capabilities
Sophisticated algorithms are used to forecast load usage for entire regions down to the granularity of individual customers.
Measurement and Verification
Utilizing meter data, SEEload calculates event performance for every participant in every event based on utility designed Customer Baseline Load methodologies.
Flexibility and Precision
Designed for integration with any device type and utility back office systems, SEEload models the topology from the utility level down to the service transformer, allowing for precision dispatch of DERs.
Scalability and Security
SEEload supports both enterprise on premise and cloud-based SaaS deployment models with scalability, reliability and security.

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SEEload – Distributed Energy Resource Management System

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Use Case - DER & Demand Response Management


Opus One Acquires TRC SEEsuite Software Business to Further Strengthen its Robust Energy Offering and Fuel Global Growth

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