Powering the Energy Transition

Opus One DERMS enables the energy transition journey from end-to-end.

Opus One DERMS can be configured to suit any level of customer DER management needs from simply controlling direct dispatch to a more complex approach such as market energy trading. We work directly with the Utilities to provide solutions that fit with their policy, direction and provide wide range of capabilities as listed below:

A single platform to plan, analyze and act on your grid modernization strategies

Gain full visibility of your network in its as-operated state by creating a digital twin of your grid in the Opus One DERMS Platform; visualize real power flow across your network to spot any constraints.

Leverage the digital twin of your grid to run complex planning analyses, like evaluating a DER’s ability to alleviate a system constraint.

Calculate with precision how much distributed energy capacity you can host, and where, across your network.

Using the Opus One DERMS Integrated Distribution Planning module, you can compare the results of your analysis side-by-side to choose the most cost-effective solutions to meet your grid's future needs.

Determine the value DERs can provide to your grid's operations by running simulated or live transactive energy markets and other DER programs using the Opus One DERMS Transactive Energy Management System module.

Monitor and control DERs and microgrids in real time with the Opus One DERMS Distributed Energy Resource Management System module.

Enabling the rapid adoption of renewables and DERs at all points on your network

Optimize your DER connection

Use DERMS for real-time monitoring and optimal dispatch integration of DERs for grid reliability.

Manage DERs with advanced forecasting

Leverage DERMS forecasting capabilities to anticipate DER violations and improve grid performance.

Access flexibility markets to facilitate energy trading

Optimize the economic operations of DERs on your grid and facilitate energy trading.

Incorporate non-wires alternative (NWA) solutions

Accommodate NWA to establish a market for customers that enables them to work with utilities.

Aggregate your system data into one holistic view

Gain visibility and control across fleets of DER aggregators in one view to solve for violations.

Simplify integration with one modular platform

Select the modules you need for your DER journey with easy seamless integration options.

Access flexible deployment options

Leverage our DERMS standard based architecture on-premise or in the cloud.

We help customers better manage DERs

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Let GE Digital and Opus One help you manager your DERs

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